Standard Installation


Installation for a single phase electric vehicle charger fixed to a suitable surface, ie wall, post

  • We will install a cable of up 1 to 10 metres from source of supply (consumer unit) clipped to the wall to the charge point. This will include drilling one hole through a wall
  • We will supply and install a dedicated distribution board to include a RCD/SPD
  • Three metres of trunking if required
  • Electrical testing, commissioning, Part P notification, hand over documents and explain who to use the EVCP
  • The property is within 30 mile (60 mile round trip) of an approved installer in Southampton

Additional costs ( to be negotiated prior to the installation between Apollo and the customer)

The following information provides a guideline of work that is considered to be beyond the standard installation specification:

  • Cable runs exceeding 10 metres (chargeable per 5 metres thereafter)
  • The necessity to install a mini consumer unit with O-PEN, RCD, SPD current protection due to:
    a) the property’s consumer unit having insufficient capacity/protection for the charge point circuit
    b) the homeowner wishing to have an independent charge point circuit protection from the home’s
    consumer unit
  • Any additional mechanical protection required for the cabling after 3 metres – i.e. trunking,
    conduit, etc.
  • Any cable chasing requested by the homeowner
  • Installation of a cable above 1.8 metres
  • Any ground works requested by the homeowner
  • The property being further away than 30 mile (60 mile round trip) from Southampton